When you’re scrolling through wedding blogs and flipping through magazines, it’s likely the various color palettes that pop out the most. After all, it’s the colors that truly define a wedding. Peach and lavender! Navy blue and champagne! Hot pink and gold! The combinations are virtually endless.

From soft pastel shades to bold jewel tones, the color palette of a wedding can speak to a couple’s style, a season, or the feel of a venue. More often than not, it’s usually a fair mix of those factors.

It always seems as if colors come so naturally, but for those in the early steps of planning a wedding, you likely realize how difficult a decision it can be. With so much inspiration for the taking, how is one supposed to narrow it down to a palette that is just right?

Here are a few tips for guiding your wedding color choices for the perfect design.

soft wedding colors

Think seasonally

Each season evokes a certain mood that translates wonderfully through color. It’s why we often see pastel blues and blush pinks in the spring, whereas fall is filled with rich hues of amber and burgundy.

When you have a wedding date set, consider the season when planning out your overall design. Seasonal wedding colors provide your wedding with a unique feel that will go hand-in-hand with the weather and appropriate attire.

Not to mention, your palette will lend itself to photo memories that will last for years. Thus, you’ll always remember the feeling of that sweet spring morning or that cozy autumn evening.

fall wedding colors

Consider your venue

For some weddings, the venue might guide color choices due to its natural surroundings. While a rustic barn wedding can weave in soft pastels with sparkling metallics beautifully, a grand ballroom may be better suited for dramatic hues that pop from the entrance.

Consider also whether your venue has fixtures in place already to guide your design scheme. If, for example, there is a lush garden onsite with bold pink blooms, that’s likely something you’ll want to work with rather than against.

Keep in mind the colors of the walls, style of metallics used throughout (e.g. chandeliers and light fixtures, doorknobs, banisters), and type of flooring. Some features cannot be changed, so be sure your wedding colors will blend like it was meant to be.

backyard wedding colors

Embrace your personalities

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your partner. What do you love? What are your favorite colors? If you’re all about boldness and luxury, a wedding featuring black, gold, and red accents may be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you love spending time in nature together, consider incorporating shades of green, brown, and slate.

Take a look around your home and your wardrobe to get a feel for the colors that fill your life. Are there shades that you are automatically drawn to? These natural choices can be a great starting point for your design. You can always feel free to mix it up with color variants of your go-to favorites.

outdoor reception color palette

Choosing your wedding colors can feel like a lot of pressure. Rest assured that you don’t have to remain tied to them for every aspect of your celebration. While it’s best not to go overboard with different colors (less is more!), you don’t need to get worked up over every detail matching to a T. There’s no harm in adding a stroke of hot pink to your otherwise neutral design. Have some fun and don’t be afraid to experiment — that’s often how we end up with some of the most creative and striking weddings.

You can also use color matching tools like Paletton‘s color wheel to find a unique palette that suits you. When in doubt, consult with your wedding planner for ideas and feedback on color schemes. We’ve seen more palettes than we can count, so we can tell you what works and what doesn’t!