Your First Five Wedding Planning Tasks

You’re engaged—congratulations! Few milestones are more exciting than saying “Yes!” to the love of your life. The engagement “season” is filled with excitement,  anticipation… and wedding planning! While planning the celebration of your dreams may seem overwhelming at first, we recommend taking it one step a time… starting with these five manageable tasks you can tackle right away:

  • Celebrate! Pop some bubbly and toast to this momentous occasion! Call your family and closest friends first, then make the announcement on social media. Consider hosting an engagement party to celebrate, and, if your families haven’t met, introduce them!
  • Treat yourself to a manicure: Yes, this task is actually a “must!” On the off chance that you were surprised by his declaration of life-time love, schedule that mani! Your loved ones will want to see your pretty new ring. Make sure your nails are ready for their close-up! Plus, enjoy a little pampering before diving into wedding planning.
  • Insure your ring: It is better to be safe than sorry…. Take it from the gal that lost her solitaire shortly after the proposal! Admire that gorgeous bling for a day or two but check with your insurance agent to see if you need a rider policy to cover any loss or theft.
  • Check Calendars: Have you always dreamt of a summer wedding or is a particular life event driving your timeline?  You don’t have to pinpoint the date right away (that may depend on venue availability), but it helps to start the conversation about a general timeframe. When friends and family ask, “When’s the big day?” it helps to have an answer, even if it’s still vague: “We haven’t set a date in stone, but we love the idea of a summer wedding!” 
  • Hire a Wedding Planner: Before tackling any other items on your list, do yourself a favor: hire a wedding planner. Seeking professional expertise from the very beginning is the easiest way to ensure a stress-free planning process—and a seamlessly executed celebration. Plus, they can refer you to other top-notch vendors who you can trust to execute your vision. Give yourself peace of mind (and a much shorter to-do list!) by connecting with a qualified planner from the start.

If you can knock out these five tasks, you’ll begin engagement on the right foot! Check these five items off your list early in the planning process; you won’t regret it. Need assistance? Don’t hesitate to ask! We would love to hear all about your ideas for the big day and ultimately help bring your creative vision to life!