He popped the question and you’re now engaged! Congratulations! Your journey up the aisle is an exciting one that, generally, comes along just once in a lifetime.  However, some brides find the wedding planning process to be one of the most stressful periods in their lives.  We have some news for you – it doesn’t have to be!

Planning your wedding day is more magical than you can even imagine. Yes, there’s so much to do, however, you decide how simple or detailed your wedding is.  Truth be told, you really only need three things to get married in Arizona: two people, a celebrant and the marriage license.

So now that you’re engaged, now what?

The first two tasks on your ‘to-do’ list are interchangeable because once you announce your news to the world, the first question they’re going to ask is, “When’s the big day?”  So do what is best for the two of you.

Your friends and family may want a say in the date (especially if babies are due or people are coming from other parts of the US, etc) so perform steps 1 or 2 in the order with which you’re most comfortable.

Also, keep in mind that there are plenty more steps.  Things like setting a date for an engagement party, choosing your bridal party and perhaps even ensuring your engagement bling.  Below are the key steps that must first be done.

  • Announce your big news

Facebook and Twitter may seem like the best communication mediums through which to announce your engagement to the world, but they’re also highly impersonal – and once you’ve done it, the entire world will know. It’s only polite to let your friends and family know first, especially if your significant other has gone down the traditional route of asking for your hand in marriage.

Take the time to reach out to your family and close friends before logging into your social media profiles, sending a mass email or making the traditional engagement announcement in the newspaper. After all, it is this tribe who will be most happy for you and your partner-to-be.

  • Set a date


The first question anyone asks is generally, “when?”.  It’s inevitable and, even if it changes due to venue availability or other factors, you’ll need a rough date in mind to begin talking to vendors. Take into account who is in your wedding party.  Is your maid of honor a teacher?  If so, fall or spring break may be easy for her because she won’t have to take vacation time and prepare for a substitute teacher.  Is your partner’s sister expecting a baby?  Planning around her due date will reduce stress for all involved while ensuring you’ve done all you can to be sure she can attend.  Forward thinking the tiny details alleviates so much stress down the road.

  • Contact Stellar Event Management – Wedding & Event Planner

Screenshot 2017-06-16 19.29.42Stellar Event Management is a full-service wedding & event planner that can put you in touch with the right wedding suppliers.   From wedding dress designers and cake decorators to some of our most talented wedding photographers and florists, Stellar has an extensive and trusted network of suppliers right at your fingertips.

Our aim is to take the stress out of planning so that you can enjoy your engagement.  We specialize in planning exceptional weddings and events, taking particular care to ensure that each client experiences the ‘perfect day’, the ‘perfect way’.

  • Discuss a budget

Sit down with your partner and anyone else that may be paying for or contributing to office-pen-calculator-computation-163032the cost of your wedding (Mom and Dad?) and begin to discuss what funds you have available.  Having a general idea of your total budget will help you and your planner design your decor and select vendors that will help you realize your dream.  Your budget does not need to be set in stone, yet, but having a ballpark range will help you take the next exciting step of picking a venue!

Stellar Event Management can assist in making your dream wedding come true.  We guarantee a day that is uniquely catered to your style and personality and no two events ever looking the same. Give us a call or drop us an email to schedule your free consultation.